Do We Need NABH Accreditation For The Dental Clinic?

Saturday, September 3, 2022

  • How do you select a hotel or resort for holiday? Based on star rating 3, 4, 5 or 7-star hotel, right.
  • Why? Because you want best quality service, ambiance, neat and clean environment, and tasty food, right.

Similarly, how do you select a hospital or dental clinic for yourself or your family in the country or outside? Or


  • What if patients as a consumer expect the following from the healthcare system?
  1. Safe hospital/clinic,  2. Adequate quality, 3. Standard of governance, 4. Medical ethics, 5. Trained Clinical staff, 6. Infection control policy, 7. Clinical track record, 8. System for Patient complaints resolution.
  1. So, some standards have been developed in the western world to improve the quality of the healthcare system and later it grows into an accreditation system.


  • What is Accreditation? "A self-assessment and external peer assessment process used by health care organizations to accurately assess their level of performance in relation to established standards and to implement ways to continuously improve"
  • Accreditation system: Umbrella organizations like ISQua - International society for quality in healthcare guide different countries to develop standards for healthcare organizations. These organizations provides accreditation certificates after the implementation of standards. E.g JCI based in the US, Quality Council of India (QCI) provides National Accreditation Board Certificate for Hospital and Healthcare (i.e. NABH ).


  • Why does someone take NABH accreditation for their clinic or Dental College and Hospital?
  • To attract dental tourism or VIP segment of society (who look for standard healthcare).
  • To get CGHS, ECHS empanelment.
  • To implement different government schemes in dental colleges and hospitals.
  • This is the highest benchmark for the quality healthcare system in India.


  • What is the road map for obtaining a certificate?

Implement standards for at least 3 months  - Do Application and pay Fees to QCI - Peer Assessment by

NABH Expert - Closure of Non-Compliance (NC) - Final certificate.


  • How do you implement these standards? Prepare legal certificates for Fire, AERB, Clinic registration, BMW, Pollution control board permission, etc. (100% Compliance). Documentation for all standards in the form of policy, manual, signage, training to staff.


  • What are the NABH standards for a Dental clinic?

Patient Centered standards

Organization centered Standards

1. Access, Assessment and Continuity of Care (AAC)

1. Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)

2. Care of Patients (COP)

2. Responsibilities of Management


3. Management of Dental Material and Medication (MOM)

3. Responsibilities of Management


4. Patient Rights and Education (PRE)

4. Human Resource Management


5. Hospital Infection Control (HIC)

5. Information Management Systems



  • Why should you take consultancy service?
  • To save your time means your money in preparing such huge documentation.
  • To get guidance with a proper road map by an expert consultant.
  • To standardize your system and staff in the right way.
  • For CGHS & ECHS empanelment
  • Why should one trust us Fumident consultancy?
  • Because we are a team of expert consultants from the field of Microbiology, MBA in Hospital management and Accreditation, Dentist, Medicine, Ayurveda etc.
  • We do sign MOU before the start of the project which includes a timeline and consultancy fees schedule.
  • We will guide for Legal documentation, provides all format of documents, SOP, Manuals, Policy for NABH standards, provide training to staff and ultimate preparation for a final inspection.
  • Complete hand-holding from application up to final certificate.


  • Few of Our esteem clients:
  1. K.B Dental Clinic, Delhi.                                              4. Precigem Dental World , Andheri, Mumbai. 
  2. Kothari Dental Clinic, Nagpur.                                     5. Shataayu Dental Clinic, Indore. 
  3. Kowe’s  Multispecialty Dental Clinic, Gadchiroli.       6. VYWS Dental College and Hospital, Amravati.
  1. For more details mail us on or Whats app on 9284203288.

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